How To Get Back To Joy When You Are TTC

Dec 16, 2019

How To Get Back To Joy When You Are TTC

I am excited to welcome Robyn Birkin back to the podcast!

We’re digging into how to bring back joy during the fertility journey.

For some people, having a baby is easy, but for others, like Robyn, it's a long and tough rollercoaster. Her journey starts off just like most of us. She thought having a baby would take no time at all. A year later, she found herself at the fertility clinic, and several ovulation inductions, IUI's, IVF cycles, OHSS and a miscarriage later, finally conceived.

Now, she is passionate about helping you not only survive the process, but thrive! Her superpower? Helping type A women find calm, confidence and happiness in their TTC journey and feel like warriors. She is a little woo woo. A lot straight shooter and has never turned down a bowl of mashed potato and if you love Salt n Pepa, well… you’re soul sisters.

In The Fertility Warriors podcast, She interviews other fertility warriors, and shares advice and tips on how to conceive, how to navigate the world of fertility treatments and how to be your best and healthiest self. Robyn Birkin is the author of Screw Infertility, the core educator for The Fertility Warrior Intensive course - a 12 week program for women struggling to manage the stress of infertility. You can find her at robynbirkin.com and on Instagram at @robynbirkin.

If you were like me when I was going through infertility – I was so focused on having my baby – that my LIFE took back seat.
I forgot to do the things that made me happy.
I was singularly focused on getting pregnant and constantly making plans if didn’t work.
So many of the couples I coach tell me the same thing – joy has been placed on the back burner.
They feel like their life is on hold.
They feel stuck as everyone else seemingly moves on with their lives.
And it makes sense. Let's figure out how to back to joy!

In this episode you'll learn:

1) Why many of us on the fertility journey have stopped experiencing joy.

2) How to find joy again (hint it’s in the small things we do everyday)

3) And how to persevere with the things that once brought us joy.

4) Plus how to develop a joy plan, so we can get navigate this journey with grace and in a way that feels right for us.

Resources from this episode:

Affirmation downloads (40), a meditation, lots of cheat sheets and two ebooks - Robynbirkin.com/library

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