How To Improve Success Of IVF Or FET

Dec 23, 2019

How To Improve Success Of IVF Or FET

I am excited to welcome Heidi Brockmeyre to the podcast!

We’re digging into steps to do at home prior to an IVF or FET

Heidi Brockmyre is a Doctor of Chinese Medicine. She has a decade of experience helping women grow their families. She's supported hundreds of women in her clinic in San Diego, and thousands of women around the world.

She teaches women how to get pregnant a faster, healthier, easier and more affordable way with her online program, Fertility Activation Method.

She loves teaching women how to renew faith in their ability to conceive and to take back control of their health and bodies.

I know you’re following me to get tips to help you get pregnant naturally however if you have decided that IVF is right for you – I want to give you some tips you can do to improve your success.

If your treatment is around the corner, you may be feeling all sorts of emotions from excitement to worry. These are all normal (I remember feeling so excited and so nervous at the same time - the day of my fresh transfer).

I wanted to give you some steps you could start doing to prepare.

Because although you have a plan, it can feel like so many things are out of your control.

In this episode you'll learn:

1) The steps you can take at home before your IVF or FET

2) What to do when you get stuck in worry mode and how to stay present.

3) Which foods to add to your diet before treatment and which foods to avoid. How to keep hydrated (which is key for your cervical mucus – which is needed to get the sperm to the egg).

4) Why hot packs and socks can be your new best friends. Plus the final verdict on exercise before your treatment and why self-acupressure can help.

Resources from this episode:

Download your Fertility ActIvation Checklist here.

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