How to Improve Egg Quality, Sperm Quality and Pregnancy Rates

Mar 13, 2023

How to Improve Egg Quality, Sperm Quality and Pregnancy Rates

We’re digging into CoQ10 and how it can help with fertility.

Before discovering the power of nutrition and targeted supplements, the only vitamins I had taken were Flintstone vitamins (yep, the ones filled with dyes and sugar).

I thought I only needed daily vitamins if I was deficient in something.

Turns out, there are vitamins and minerals that we simply can’t get from food.

Nutritional imbalances can cause many symptoms that we don’t recognize as being from a vitamin or mineral deficiency.

Optimizing your health prior to conception is essential.

What if there was something you could do to support egg quality, sperm health and pregnancy rates?

CoQ10 is a potent antioxidant that helps decrease inflammation, which is essential for pregnancy.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  1. What studies say about this antioxidant and how it can improve embryo quality with diminished ovarian reserve
  2. Egg and sperm health improvements and fertilization rates
  3. The difference between ubiquinone and ubiquinol and what the studies tell us for someone who is TTC
  4. Diet sources for this CoQ10




4:18 CoQ10 & FERTILITY
CoQ10 is a potent antioxidant.
How CoQ10 is used by the body
The direct connection between CoQ10 and egg and sperm health
Get Pregnant Naturally | Episode 210: How To Improve Declining Sperm Counts And Egg Quality with Dr. Shanna Swan


  • What is oxidative stress?
  • How CoQ10 protects cellular health
  • Common sources of free radicals
  • Why CoQ10 is one of our fundamental supplements
  • CoQ10 levels naturally decrease as you age.
  • Mitochondrial dysfunction can speed up reproductive aging.
  • How ubiquinol benefits both male and female reproductive health
  • What’s beneficial to our reproductive health is often beneficial elsewhere
  • Understanding ubiquinone vs. ubiquinol


  • Tissues that need a lot of energy as the best sources of CoQ10
  • Why it’s crucial to use supplementation alongside dietary sources
  • It can take some time for CoQ10 to build up in your tissues


  • Many people report feeling higher energy levels
  • Why some people take longer to build up to an optimal level of CoQ10
  • The connection between CoQ10 and chronic fatigue syndrome


What to look for in a good CoQ10 supplement
Key considerations around dosing
More is not always better.





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