How To Improve Male Factor Infertility

Apr 18, 2019

How To Improve Male Factor Infertility
I'm excited to welcome Laure Manaker to the podcast. We’re digging into how to improve male factor infertility naturally. Lauren Manaker is a registered dietitian nutritionist and author of the book Fueling Male Fertility (available on Amazon). She holds a Bachelors and Masters Degree in human nutrition and has been in practice for almost 20 years. She runs a virtual private practice (www.NutritionNowCounseling.com) focusing on infertility, preconception, and prenatal health and manages her Instagram page @laurenmanaker_rdn. When I first started Fab Fertile years ago, I only coached women who were struggling with infertility. And although we had major breakthroughs and pregnancy successes....what I found was that we were missing the other part of the puzzle. The partner. Even though our focus is on female factor infertility, every time the male says, "my sperm is normal". We would find areas to optimize his health. Often times we find that the partners are passing an infection to one another - such as H.Pylori...this is passed through saliva...so very contagious. (Many times there are no symptoms of this infection - so it's missed by conventional medicine). Remember we always start with the health of the gut as this has a HUGE impact on hormones and fertility. Other times we would find that the partner has a food sensitivity (which causes inflammation in the body - which can negatively impact sperm), or that the women actually has a HIGH sensitivity to gluten (this is so common). If this is the case...we always recommend keeping the home completely gluten free because if someone is VERY sensitive to gluten - (if the partner is still consuming gluten outside of the home and kisses his partner - this could cause a reaction - taking months for the antibodies to reset). Bottom line...it takes two to tango and when we focus on both male and female preconception health this leads to a healthy pregnancy and baby. Today we're talking male factor infertility. And there's A LOT (which is good news) that a man can do to improve his fertility naturally. In this episode you'll learn: 1) How diet impacts male factor infertility 2) What to do about weight - the impact on DNA fragmentation and sperm motility. 3) We discuss the impact of smoking, marijuana, CBD oil, alcohol and caffeine. Plus the impact of environmental toxins (this one is HUGE). 4) We discuss which supplements can optimize preconception health for men and specific suggestions for low morphology, DNA fragmentation and low motility.
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