What Mood Swings, Sugar Cravings, Poor Sleep and Feeling Hangry Has To Do With Your Fertility

Jul 10, 2023

What Mood Swings, Sugar Cravings, Poor Sleep and Feeling Hangry Has To Do With Your Fertility

We’re digging into how to balance blood sugar when you are TTC.

When I ask the question to women with low AMH/high FSH “Have you ever experienced mood swings, sugar cravings, poor sleep and feeling hangry?”

It’s usually at least one but more likely all of the above.

These symptoms (yes, they are symptoms of a greater imbalance in the body) can be why you may be experiencing irregular or absent periods and ovulation disorders.

The good news is there’s a proven strategy to address these symptoms so that you can improve pregnancy success.

In this episode, you'll learn:

  1. What insulin resistance is and why it matters if we are trying to conceive
  2. How to test blood sugar and when to test
  3. What it means for our fertility when we experience sugar cravings, mood swings, poor sleep and that "hangry" feeling
  4. How stress and sleep impact blood sugar
  5. What high and low blood sugar mean for fertility and health
  6. How to balance blood sugar and the best diet to regulate our blood sugar







  • Unstable blood sugar levels are a massive strain on the body
  • We’re exposed to so many factors that disrupt blood sugar levels daily
  • Insulin resistance is the driving factor for many modern-day illnesses.
  • We need to give our bodies as many messages as possible that our bodies are a super safe environment and we're ready to have a healthy pregnancy within it


  • Many of us think it’s normal to get hangry
  • How fluctuating blood sugar levels impact our mood and energy during the day
  • Understanding the refined carbohydrate addiction cycle and why breakfast is pivotal
  • You shouldn’t need a bunch of handbag snacks.
  • With the right approach, you can easily break this pattern


  • The role of insulin in our bodies
  • How insulin resistance happens and its effect on metabolic health and fertility
  • Overexercising can negatively impact the blood sugar rollercoaster
  • Our body is not a set of standalone systems. We are one organism that communicates with itself all the time.


  • Contributing factors to blood sugar dysregulation
  • Gestational diabetes is a risk factor for developing type two diabetes.
  • The link between cortisol and blood sugar
  • Just one night of poor sleep will impact your appetite and satiety hormones.


  • Why it’s important to use optimal instead of conventional lab ranges
  • Fasting blood sugar: 80-90 mg/dL (North America)
  • It can be very empowering to get to know your blood glucose levels.
  • If your blood sugar is constantly on the highs and lows, you want to think about making some adaptations to what you're eating and your lifestyle.
  • How a glucose meter can help you to understand your blood sugar fluctuations


  • HbA1c gives an approximate indication of what someone's blood glucose levels might have been like over the last three months
  • What we can learn from HbA1c results
  • Metabolic disease is a factor in your fertility
  • Western range: up to 8% (North America)
  • Functional range: 4.5 - 5.5%
  • If you’re within the range but still have clinical symptoms, we need to dig deeper


  • Breakfast sets a precedent for the rest of the day.
  • The 4 PM slump


  • Becoming aware of the glycemic load of different foods
  • Foods to include in a blood sugar balancing diet
  • The order in which you eat your food can make a difference


  • The importance of an individualized approach to carbohydrate intake based on personal tolerance
  • Why we have to be cautious about not getting enough carbs




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