Why a Nutrient Deficiency Matters For Fertility

Nov 04, 2019

Why a Nutrient Deficiency Matters For Fertility

I'm excited to welcome Brandy Buskow back to the podcast.

We're diggning into hair tissue mineral analysis and what this means for your fertility.

Check out episode #6 for a functional medicine 101 talk plus a look at some of the tools we use to help couples conceive.

Brandy is part of my team here at Fab Fertile. She is an integral part of our Couples Coaching program - which uses functional lab testing, diet and lifestyle changes to dramatically improve conception. If you are struggling with infertility...your body is desperately trying to tell you something...focusing on your health will either help you get pregnant naturally or if you do need to go to the fertility clinic it will improve your chances of success.

She is a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner and Certified Transformational Health Coach and EFT Practitioner. She loves supporting women so they can learn how functional medicine addresses the underlying cause of disease or illness.

As you may know we take a functional approach with fertility.

Our Fab Fertile Coaching method uses functional testing to develop an action plan that helps us get to the root cause of why you are struggling to conceive and prepares your body to get pregnant naturally.

We include the hair tissue mineral analysis (HTMA) test in our program.

The HTMA tests for mineral deficiencies...and if you haven't tested for mineral deficiencies you are missing a very important link as to why you are still struggling to have your baby.

Especially if you have been on long-term hormonal contraception. Did you know that hormonal birth control could lead to mineral deficiencies?

Plus it impacts our ability to absorb nutrients. We have clients who are eating a whole foods organic nutrient dense diet, but are nutrient depleted.

Shocking right? But very common! This was the case for me! I was diagnosed with premature ovarian failure and then took the pill for 10 years. When I took the HTMA test my mineral levels were extremely depleted. But with targeted changes...I am seeing amazing improvement in my health (and I was already feeling pretty good!).

Remember a high percentage of the couples who come to us...are not feeling sick or unwell...they are struggling to conceive. But sometimes we don't know how poorly we are feeling, until we feel amazing!

We see mineral deficiency with clients who have low AMH, diminished ovarian reserve, high FSH, unexplained infertility, repeat miscarriage and more.

In this episode you'll learn:

1) What the HTMA test tells us about our fertility. Plus our adrenals, thyroid, inflammation, mental health issues, blood sugar and energy levels.

2) Nutrient deficiencies and the link to hormonal birth control, chronic stress, gut infections. Plus we talk about being well fed but undernourished (the inability to absorb nutrients - this is very common), and the declining nutrients in the soil.

3) Common issues such as iodine defiency (hint - we reguarly see people supplementing incorrectly to correct this deficiency), plus copper toxicity (very common with exposure to hormonal birth control). And why this matters for fertility.

4) Targeted diet and supplements changes that help improve mineral levels.

Resources from this episode:

Mineral Levels and Fertility - Kendra Perry

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