Why Stool Testing Is Essential During Infertility

Jan 14, 2019

Why Stool Testing Is Essential During Infertility
Today I’m welcoming Brandy Buskow back to the podcast! We’re digging into stool testing and what it means for fertility. Brandy is Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner and Certified Transformational Health Coach and EFT Practitioner. She loves supporting women so they can learn how functional medicine addresses the underlying cause of disease or illness. She provide nutrition support for our Couples Coaching Program. Yep...we're talking about poop today! It's the last place that your conventional doctor will look when you have infertility...while in functional medicine it's one of the first places. I've shared with you about my food sensitivity...which I discovered years ago....and when I took out the foods...I gradually started to feel better (I discovered this too late, as I was fully in menopause - if you are still cycling naturally there are steps we can take!). And then years later after the food sensitivity, I discovered I had a gut infection too. I had H.Pylori, streptococcus and a fungal overgrowth and really high sensitivity to gluten (which I already knew - but the stool test confirmed it - so I had to watch out for cross reactors). When I found this out...I gotta tell you...I was upset! Okay I was pissed!!! Because I thought I was this super healthy person. Eating organic, taking out the inflammatory foods, eliminating the environmental toxins...you name it I was doing it....but like I've shared because my periods were irregular in my early 20's, I was placed on hormonal birth control. I've talked about post birth control syndrome (this impacts our nutrient levels - you could be eating a super health diet - but not absorbing the nutrients, and it negatively impacts gut health (cue - leaky gut, food sensitivities and gut infections). That's why a stool test is always a must if you are struggling with infertility. Especially if you have gone #glutenfree #dairyfree and still aren't pregnant or able to carry your baby to term. Remember if your body is under attack it wants to survive not procreate. And if you have a gut infection...the body is under attack! Time to dig deeper! On this podcast you'll learn:
  • We review the top functional stool tests and which stool test we like and why. We discuss the link between gut infections such as (parasites, bacteria and fungal infections) and infertility. Plus which parasites are autoimmune triggers - we see so many people with autoimmunity and infertility.
  • Why H.Pylori doesn't always present with typical acid reflux symptoms (which was the case for me) and why it's important to eradicate before #ttc.
  • How to heal gut infections. The functional versus the conventional medical route - we discuss pro's and con's. Plus we talk about supplement recommendations.
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