Why This Antioxidant Can Support Reproductive Health For Men And Women

Jan 16, 2023

Why This Antioxidant Can Support Reproductive Health For Men And Women

We’re digging into why focusing on mitochondrial health is essential for fertility.

I know you may be taking supplements to improve your fertility. After all, diet and lifestyle changes alone are not enough to optimize reproductive health.

Our Fab Fertile Method includes testing, and we develop a targeted protocol including foundational supplements and more. This is for a specific time, so you know why you’re taking the supplement and what area of the body we are targeting.

I want to introduce you to an antioxidant that can help protect your mitochondria.

Mitochondria are the cell's powerhouses, making them essential for successful fertilization, proper embryo implantation and development.

This antioxidant is essential for reproductive health and supports immunity, energy, stamina, mental focus, and skin and hair health.

Today I’m welcoming Ken Swartz. Ken is the founder and Chief Science Officer of C60 Purple Power, a health and wellness company committed to delivering the highest quality Carbon 60 products available.

In today’s episode, you’ll learn:

  1. What is C60? What are the studies telling us? Why does this matter for someone who is TTC?
  2. How C60 supports mitochondria health, thyroid, gut health, adrenal insufficiency and way more
  3. How to source quality C60
  4. Why taking C60 daily can be supportive for fertility and a new product called C60 Sexy that can be used for couples massage and improving libido.





      05:43 KEN’S C60 JOURNEY

      • The fantastic health improvements Ken experienced after using C60
      • Sharing C60 with family and friends, then health and fitness community



      • Biological age is more to do with how much your body has been through in your lifetime
      • Toxins and stressful events cause epigenetic changes.
      • C60 is a powerful antioxidant that does all kinds of wonderful things, but it's not a magic pill.
      • It’s up to you to provide the right fuel for your cells to do their job




      • Discovery of C60 and research history
      • C60 increases stem cell production.
      • Numerous benefits of C60 identified in research
      • Success stories with PMS and seasonal allergies
      • Results of C60 animal studies


      • Three things to look for in C60 products
      • Red flags to be aware of when considering different brands
      • The extensive testing and safety protocols in place for C60 Purple Power®

      29:46 USES & DOSAGE FOR C60

      • What happens to your body when it undergoes oxidative stress
      • C60 is the only antioxidant you can take which increases athletic performance
      • C60 has no toxicity at any level.
      • Different ways you can take C60
      • Benefits of taking C60 first thing in the morning


      • What customers typically experience after a month of taking C60
      • Why C60 often improves your motivation and mental clarity
      • How long it takes to see effects in different areas of the body
      • Healing leaky gut with C60


      • WhatIsC60.org
      • Nanoparticle suspensions of C60 have no health benefits
      • Test, don’t guess.
      • Deciding between different formats of C60

      46:03 C60 VS. VITAMIN C

      • C60 is not a replacement for vitamin C
      • There was no way to treat or fix dysfunctional mitochondria before now.
      • Why healing your oxidative burden is a crucial aspect of your healing journey

      50:55 GETTING STARTED WITH C60 - use code FABFERTILE10 to save 10%

      51:29 FINAL THOUGHTS




      Fab Fertile Method - https://fabfertile.com/pages/what-we-do



      I recently heard about a Nobel Prize-winning super antioxidant from my friend Jess. She’s the CEO at C60 Purple Power®, and I was intrigued to learn more after she told me C60 helped her get pregnant naturally… this was after her doctor told her she had no chance of getting pregnant. By the way, Jess is over 40, and she gave me permission to share her secret with you.

      I love their products, especially the C60 in Organic Avocado Oil. It’s so good for energy, immunity, skin and hair, plus mitochondria health, which is essential for good optimal health and fertility.

      That’s why I’m excited to partner with C60 Purple Power®. They are the leading manufacturer of Carbon 60 health and wellness products; they offer both consumable and topical products that may be just what you need to help you get pregnant.

      Go to ShopC60.com and use code FABFERTILE10 to save 10%.


      Please note when promoting a product we only select products that either Sarah Clark or her team has tried and believe are beneficial for someone who is TTC. We may receive a small commission. 

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      This episode is sponsored by: C60 Purple Power®

      I’m excited to partner with C60 Purple Power®. They are the leading manufacturer of Carbon 60 health and wellness products; they offer consumable and topical products that may be just what you need to help you get pregnant.

      Go to ShopC60.com and use code FABFERTILE10 to save 10% of your C60 products.


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