HeartMath: A Simple Technique for Managing Stress When TTC

Dec 19, 2022

HeartMath: A Simple Technique for Managing Stress When TTC

We’re digging into the research on how to manage stress with heart rate variability.

We all know that stress matters when we are TTC.

But how do we quickly identify and address the stressors in our lives?

Right now, you may be meditating, visualizing, practicing breathwork, doing yoga, progressive muscle relaxation, acupuncture and more to reduce stress.

And while we like all of those modalities, and we can use them to move us from the sympathetic (fight or flight) to the parasympathetic (rest and digest), many of these techniques may not be truly effective.

You can meditate and still experience an incoherent heart rate because you may be dealing with frustration, impatience, anger, and sadness that keeps you stuck in a pattern that drives cortisol production.

That’s why we love this simple technique that uses heart-focused breathing that moves us from stressed to calm in only a few minutes. And when done consistently, we can see improvements in energy, sleep, focus, calmness, anxiety and depression.

The goal is to bring the brain, body, mind and emotions into balanced alignment.

I know you may be cleaning up your diet and throwing out the toxins, but if we don’t address our stress, we miss a significant healing opportunity.

Today I’m excited to welcome Sheva Carr to the podcast. Sheva is the Founding CEO of Fyera! / Heart Ambassadors, the Fyera Foundation, and a Co-Director of HeartMath Healthcare and HeartMath’s Heart Mastery program.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  1. Why heart rate variability is so crucial for health and hormonal balance
  2. How to move from the stress response to the relaxation response using a simple yet powerful technique
  3. What research tells us about this technique and why it is so effective for overall health (i.e. 25 years of research and over 400 peer-reviewed studies)
  4. How we can move from impatience to trusting our intuition that everything is working for us





                  04:38 WELCOME SHEVA CARR


                  12:38 SHEVA’S JOURNEY


                  • Simple techniques can have a massive impact on your health.
                  • The vast majority of human beings are maladapted to stress.
                  • When living in a stressed state is all we know, we don’t recognize that we’re out of balance
                  • What is familiar and what is optimal are different
                  • For many people, when they find ways to reduce the stress of infertility, that’s when they get pregnant
                  • HeartMath gives us the science to explain seemingly miraculous events
                  • People get excited about their labs, but the mental and emotional aspects are essential.

                  31:25 DEPLETION TO RENEWAL

                  • Watch now: The Depletion to Renewal™ Grid

                  • Depletion to Renewal™ Grid
                  • How our emotions drive our autonomic nervous system and endocrine system
                  • Depression is relaxed stress.
                  • Motivation and relaxation aren’t the antidotes to stress; coherence is.
                  • Understanding the coherence side of things
                  • Emotions and Heart Rhythms
                  • When we feel things like appreciation, calm, patience and confidence it stabilizes the heart rhythm

                  36:05 YOUR HEART’S BLUEPRINT

                  • You must listen to your inner compass.
                  • HeartMath teaches us that healing is an inside job.
                  • Don’t wait for conception to feel the feelings you seek


                  • Impatience is one of the ways we lie to ourselves
                  • Remembering that there are many ways to mother
                  • You can’t let anyone tell you you’re not a mother.
                  • Mothering is a frequency and energy from the heart, not a biological event


                  49:40 FINAL THOUGHTS

                  • Love is everyone’s birthright.




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