How To Be Your Own Advocate With Your Doctor To Improve Pregnancy Success with Jane Gleeson

Dec 25, 2023

How To Be Your Own Advocate With Your Doctor To Improve Pregnancy Success with Jane Gleeson

We’re digging into what being your own advocate when you are TTC.

I know we’re in an era that tells us to trust the doctors, but it’s essential to be your own advocate.

Remember, you know your body best.

Conventional medicine is very effective in addressing acute illness or injury.

But, for chronic illness or disease, the approach is ineffective and falls short.

It’s the pill for an ill approach. That has us going down a road of medication that never actually addresses why we can’t conceive in the first place.

That’s why we need to assemble a team around us when we’re on the fertility journey.

And we are in the center.

We are the conductor of our own healing.

This is a very powerful position. But it can also make us second guess our intuition.

After all, medical gaslighting is real.

So how do we understand our blood markers, know what the tests really mean for our fertility and be our own advocate?

I’m excited to welcome Jane Gleeson to the podcast. Jane is an RN, Acupuncturist, and fertility expert. Jane has cared for hundreds of women at all stages of trying to conceive and build their families.

In this episode, you'll learn:

  1. How to navigate the fertility journey on your terms and be your own advocate
  2. What role does stress have in your fertility journey
  3. What are some strategies to use to track our cycle, when to start IVF and should we consider acupuncture







        • The pressure and guilt that can come with an infertility diagnosis
        • Jane Gleeson’s Book | Who Stole My Ovaries?
        • We need to reframe negative labels like "advanced maternal age" or "poor responder"
        • Why we should not be hyper-focused on AMH and FSH numbers
        • Listening to the body’s wisdom when IVF is not working
        • AMH and FSH are poor predictors of live birth outcomes.
        • A holistic approach to fertility will give you the best chance to get pregnant naturally



        • Get Pregnant Naturally | Episode 61: How Post Birth Control Syndrome Impacts Fertility
        • Birth control pills are used as a band-aid solution for a wide variety of women’s health issues
        • No one is digging deeper.
        • Tracking your menstrual cycle is essential for understanding your body.
        • You don’t need several devices to monitor your body’s signs.
        • A big part of getting pregnant is about having a healthy sexual relationship throughout the month, not just during your fertile window
        • We’ve gotten out of hand with the tracking and out of touch with our body’s signs

        24:45 MALE FERTILITY



        • So many of us are chronically dehydrated.

        37:51 WHO STOLE MY OVARIES?

        42:48 HAVING AN OPEN MIND

        • Do your homework and keep trying.




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