Spiritual Forecast for 2024 To Cultivate Hope and Pregnancy Success

Dec 18, 2023

Spiritual Forecast for 2024 To Cultivate Hope and Pregnancy Success

We’re digging into how to cultivate hope when you have low AMH/high FSH.

As we prepare for 2024, how do we cultivate hope for the New Year?

This year may have been the year you planned to have your baby.

Maybe you’ve been through failed IVF(s), cancelled cycles, been told you’re a poor responder or suffered pregnancy loss.

It can be a difficult journey, and many times, we may even negatively hypnotize ourselves and not be able to see a positive path forward.

But what if we could start to exercise that spiritual muscle?

The voice inside that tells us not to give up.

We can start to ignite hope.

So, what steps can we take right now to lean into trust, calmness and peace?

We’re connecting to the wisdom and magic of a favourite card deck and giving you the 2024 spiritual forecast.

I’m excited to welcome Nichole Causey back to the podcast. Nichole is a Reiki Master specializing in manifestation, self-love, confidence, trusting intuition, and fulfilling desires.


In this episode, you'll learn:

  1. How to move from catastrophizing, anxiety and worry to cultivating hope
  2. What to do if you feel you’ve negatively hypnotized yourself
  3. How to trust your intuition and stop asking everyone else what you should do next
  4. The spiritual forecast for 2024 so that you can manifest pregnancy success






        • How we work on the mental and emotional aspects of the TTC journey in the Fab Fertile program
        • The fertility journey can feel like a rollercoaster of hope
        • While working on the spiritual aspects, we still have to work on the physical self.
        • It’s much easier to get into a hopeful state of mind when we clear our energy.
        • Energy work works better remotely.


        • When we try to bypass our emotions and simply think positively, it doesn’t work because we’re blocking our healing energetically
        • As a womb healer, I love to help that pain release from our wombs and hearts and really allow that to heal into wisdom.
        • Just thinking positive affirmations is not enough


        • I don't believe that we can manifest those really heavy negative experiences.
        • We have a lot of lessons to learn on the way to our goals
        • How to start getting out of a negative mindset
        • Feel into your emotions instead of bypassing them.
        • Recognizing the expanders in your life


        • Recognizing that different practices might be better for you in different seasons
        • As women, we’re taught to hold on to our pain and emotions and care for everyone else.
        • How we’re influenced by epigenetics


        • Communicating with your womb
        • Bringing awareness and attention to your body and your desire


        • There are a lot of decisions along the fertility journey, and you have to learn to trust yourself
        • We need to focus on filling ourselves first; then, we can take care of everything else
        • We’re all intuitive.

        26:10 THE WOMB SPACE

        • Connecting to yourself and your womb space
        • The womb space is a powerhouse for women.

        28:14 PULLING CARDS FOR 2024

        • Empower yourself by making your own choices and decisions.


        Sacred Womb Meditation - https://youtu.be/jpBpVbtBnpo

        Spirit Baby Communication Playlist - https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLjY_dYHQSfI6rHMSUZfYrtflvSLiAmY_1




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