How To Improve Pregnancy Success With Donor Eggs with Adele O'Connor

Dec 11, 2023

How To Improve Pregnancy Success With Donor Eggs with Adele O'Connor

We’re digging into donor eggs and what you need to know if you’ve selected this option.

As you may know, I had both my kids with donor eggs. I was diagnosed with premature ovarian insufficiency (POI) over 25 years ago. And 25 years later, in conventional medicine, the recommendation for POI is either to rush to IVF or go straight to donor eggs.

What I know for sure is there are targeted steps we can take to improve pregnancy success with your eggs when we address underlying healing opportunities using functional medicine and functional nutrition.

However, we may decide that donor eggs are the best option.

We’ve helped many couples get pregnant using donor eggs (after they’ve made targeted changes to their health). After all, donor eggs are not a guarantee of pregnancy success. A healthy foundation for both partners must be established first.

But what about the emotional aspect of selecting donor eggs to grow your family?

How do we navigate the journey to pregnancy success when we’ve selected donor eggs as our next step?

I’m excited to welcome Adele O’Connor to the podcast. Adele is a fertility coach and podcast host of Donor Egg Mama. She supports intended parents considering a donor egg pathway to break free from overwhelm and guide them to a place of calm confidence to move forward and build their families.


In this episode, you'll learn:

  1. The biggest mindset hurdles for women who select donor eggs (i.e. will I bond with my baby?)
  2. Advice to couples beginning their donor egg journey
  3. How to improve pregnancy success with donor eggs






        • Discovering the need for donor eggs
        • The emotional journey of processing that she would not be able to fall pregnant with her eggs
        • I felt grief for the loss of my eggs.
        • How a fertility retreat transformed Adele’s experience
        • Adele’s decision to become a fertility coach


        • Working on the mindset is equally as impactful as diet and lifestyle changes
        • The mental impact of a fertility diagnosis
        • Get Pregnant Naturally | Episode 171: How To Optimize Your Chances With Donor Eggs
        • Remembering that there’s work to do to prepare for using donor eggs
        • Using donor eggs is a whole new mountain to climb after IVF.
        • The problem with the IVF warrior archetype
        • Shifting into a slow down and receive mindset creates a sense of safety for the body to conceive.


        • Considering physical characteristics, health information, known or anonymous donors, and options available in different countries
        • Adele’s experience going to Cape Town to find a donor
        • How software is used to choose donors in some countries
        • The benefits of choosing a holiday option for finding a donor



        • Adele’s Free Facebook Group | Donor-Egg IVF - Emotions Support https://www.facebook.com/groups/donoreggivfsupport/
        • The common fear of not bonding with your future child
        • The moment you started your IVF process, that is when you began the attachment to this baby.
        • Donor Egg Mama Podcast https://www.donoreggmama.com/podcast
        • How your health before conception can affect your postpartum experience
        • Get support in whatever way that looks like for you.
        • We have to get good at loving ourselves first.


        • My experience telling my children about their conception story and their different reactions
        • Tell your children young and often so that it becomes a natural part of your family story.
        • Becky Morrison’s Book | The Search for the Magical Egg
        • Adele’s mission to tear down the stigma associated with donor egg family creation or completion

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