How To Enjoy Fertility Friendly-Foods That Do Not Suck

Aug 07, 2023

How To Enjoy Fertility Friendly-Foods That Do Not Suck

We’re digging into tips for eating for fertility in the summer.

Making dietary changes can be hard (especially during the summer).

You may feel like putting off the changes until September.

However, eating foods that nourish your body does not need to suck.

And delaying making the changes only delays your chances of pregnancy success.

What if we could take advantage of the bounty that summer produce offers us?

This is not about eating a bunch of kale or sipping green juice.

From quick dips/pestos to protein-rich smoothies and barbeque-ready meats/fish, we discuss how you can nourish your body now without feeling deprived or hungry.

Caitlin Townsend is part of my team at Fab Fertile. She is a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner as well as a Chef trained at The Culinary Institute of America.

In this episode, you'll learn about:

  1. A smoothie recipe that’s packed with fertility-friendly protein/fats
  2. Eating based on the season and how to incorporate more variety
  3. How to select foods that are good for your digestion
  4. Quick 3-4 ingredient recipe ideas for dips/pestos
  5. How to use herbs to make your summer BBQ meat/fish more flavourful
  6. An easy mocktail recipe that improves digestive health (i.e. gut health is key for ovarian function)







    • What it means to eat seasonally
    • The abundance of fresh and nutrient-rich foods in summer
    • Take advantage of seasonal foods.


    • Diversifying your vegetable intake
    • We can easily get in a rut eating the same things.
    • Summer is a season of abundance.
    • It’s important to have fun and enjoy yourself on the fertility journey


    • There’s a reason our bodies crave certain foods in the summertime.
    • In the summertime, everything speeds up, including our digestion
    • Get your creative juices flowing when it comes to cooking in the summertime
    • Caitlin’s summer spin on pestos and dips
    • Dairy and nut alternatives to consider
    • Summer fruits that are rich sources of antioxidants


    • Olive tapenade, baba ghanoush, melon smoothies


    • Dehydration can happen even though you're drinking a lot of water.
    • Going to the bathroom a lot can be a sign that the water isn’t getting into your cells


    • Eating well isn’t about deprivation or living on green juice
    • Slowing down and taking pleasure in the abundance of summer
    • Refreshing and flavorful summer foods you can easily make
    • How you can utilize herbs in summer dishes


    • Working on your gut health and drinking alcohol doesn’t make sense.
    • You can have a fun mocktail and enjoy it with others
    • Tips for making mocktails at home
    • The benefits of apple cider vinegar for gut health
    • How presentation can bring pleasure into daily routines


    • Enjoy each season as it comes along.



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