The State of Women's Health Care in the US and Why This Matters For Fertility with Dr. Bill Chun

Jul 31, 2023

The State of Women's Health Care in the US and Why This Matters For Fertility with Dr. Bill Chun

We’re digging into what to ask an OB/GYN when you are TTC.

When we visit a conventional OG/GYN, we typically have a very short time to get our questions answered.

It can be intimidating, confusing and emotional when trying to figure out why we struggle to conceive.

Plus, medical gaslighting is real.

You know your body best, not the person in the white coat.

The conventional medical system is broken, and IVF is a big business.

As part of our Fab Fertile Team, our medical cases reviewer is an OB/GYN with training in functional medicine. Conventional OB/GYNs are trained to perform surgeries, not look for the root cause.

Functional medicine allows us to look at the different systems in the body and see where there is an imbalance.

When this imbalance is addressed, the reproductive system comes back online.

Let’s see some steps you can take right now to be your own advocate.

Today, I’m welcoming Byungyol Chun to the podcasts. Dr. Chun is an experienced OB/GYN talking about what's wrong with women's healthcare in the US.

In this episode, you'll learn:

  1. What is regularly missed in the OB/GYN’s office (i.e. the question that is not asked that makes the biggest difference about your reproductive health)
  2. The business of IVF and how to be your own advocate (i.e. how to avoid medical gaslighting)
  3. The business of birth and how to reduce C-sections, epidurals, and improve Apgar scores for baby
  4. What every couple should have access to as they prepare for their baby







    • Why Dr. Bill is passionate about helping people and improving standards of care
    • For a country like ours with so many resources, we're not really supporting women.



    • Where Dr. Bill starts with new fertility patients
    • The importance of offering alternative therapies like acupuncture and chiropractic care in fertility treatment
    • It's so important that women are heard and supported, not just with routine tests.
    • How Dr. Bill’s approach differs from many conventional OBGYNs
    • There's much more than blood test levels.


    • Medicine in this country is about money.
    • Issues faced by patients in the fertility industry, from lack of communication to the high cost of treatments
    • The fertility industry perpetuates the panic.
    • How the financial motivations of the fertility industry affect patients' experiences
    • Similar issues faced by Canadian and US fertility patients


    • How Dr. Bill empowers his patients
    • Feeling that your provider is looking out for you leads to better outcomes.


    • High C-section rates and the associated financial advantages for hospitals and doctors
    • Why Dr. Bill has such a low induction and C-section rate


    • How doulas support women during labour and delivery and in the postpartum period
    • The many benefits for women who have a doula’s support
    • The postpartum period is not talked about enough.


    • The link between depression and infertility
    • Limitations of prescription medications for depression and anxiety
    • Alternative treatments for depression and anxiety, including CBD, acupuncture, and Chinese herbs
    • Recognizing the need for a holistic approach to mental health treatment
    • Challenges in accessing mental health care


    • Get as healthy as possible mentally, spiritually, and physically
    • CBD and the TTC journey




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