How To Know When Or If To Use Bioidentical Hormones When TTC

May 22, 2023

How To Know When Or If To Use Bioidentical Hormones When TTC

We’re digging into bioidenticals and why this matters when you are TTC.

When I was diagnosed with POF/POI at 28, I was told that I needed to get hormone replacement therapy right away to protect my bones, prevent osteoporosis, and protect my heart.

So I took a synthetic form of hormone replacement therapy for years.

Then, I discovered that the root cause of my infertility was food sensitivity, gut infection, and chronic stress.

Many of my chronic health issues went away because I committed to diet and lifestyle changes.

I stopped taking hormone replacement therapy because of the negative side effects of synthetic hormones.

But I know I still needed support with my hormones.

Enter bioidentical hormones.

You may be wondering, “Can I use bioidenticals if I am TTC?"

They can be a good addition to your fertility toolkit...but they need to be used at the right time (lifestyle changes need to be prioritized first before we take the hormones).

Because bioidenticals alone are not the answer, but they can be part of the solution.

I'm excited to welcome Dr. Daved Rosensweet. Dr. Rosensweet is the founder of The Menopause Method, creator of BRITE, creator of I Wonder, Doctor, and the author of Happy Healthy Hormones.

In this episode, you'll learn:

  1. Why adding bioidentical hormones can be part of the TTC journey
  2. The difference between bioidentical and synthetic hormones
  3. The final word on the controversy surrounding hormone replacement therapy and the increased risk of cancer (We discuss the 2009 study - he breaks it all down)
  4. Mistakes we see with hormone replacement therapy and how you can avoid them





    • How Dr. Rosensweet became interested in holistic medicine and why he specialized in bioidentical hormones


    • How stress impacts our hormones
    • What are bioidentical hormones?
    • The benefits of using bioidentical hormones derived from plants
    • Download Dr. Rosensweet’s book “Happy Healthy Hormones” for free - opt in: https://iobim.org/book/


    • How lifestyle factors impact hormonal health
    • The role of detoxification in addressing fertility challenges
    • Anyone with fertility challenges should explore the potential for toxicity.
    • Simple strategies to detox your home
    • The history of hormone use



    • Why you need a provider with extra education and training in using compounded bioidentical hormones
    • There's a wide variation in hormones and hormonal balance.
    • Different hormone formats will be more effective for different people
    • Risks associated with taking estrogen and testosterone orally
    • Hormones are so powerful that if you don't address them, it's hard to get other things accomplished.
    • How the crisis of infertility can trigger a journey of healing and personal development


    • Developing emotional skills to deal with stress
    • Why addressing emotional health and can impact fertility issues
    • I Wonder, Doctor… Website
    • You have to prepare the nest by healing.
    • Listen to your voice when it comes to your reproductive health


    • Criteria you can use to select the right hormone specialist for you
    • Individualization is critical.


    • Replenishing hormones and how they can reduce the risk of certain diseases



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