How to Optimize Your Fertility by Including Your Partner

May 04, 2020

How to Optimize Your Fertility by Including Your Partner

Today I’m digging into why it takes two to prepare for a baby.

When I first started Fab Fertile Inc. I was exclusively coaching women. But, I felt I was missing the other part of the equation. The partner. And although I do coach single women, the majority of my clients are couples.

And although most partners are very supportive – they may not know what they can do to optimize their preconception health.

I’ve had women tell me, it’s their fault that it’s not working, that they are broken, that they are the issue. This can lead to isolation, shame, and heartbreak. And ultimately it can sometimes tear apart a relationship, which leaves you both devastated - and further away from your goal of having a family than ever.

So how can we get our partners more involved in the fertility process - and how will it make your journey easier, simpler, and ultimately, more successful?


In this episode you'll learn:

1. If you are the only one making all the changes. Specific steps you can both take together to optimize your fertility.

2. If your partner is supportive but he’s not sure what he can do to improve his preconception health or he isn’t open to making changes (what you can say to him - hint it’s not about convincing/nagging him).

3. You have female factor infertility SO he doesn’t really need to do anything- (i.e. what you could be missing).

4. I discuss steps to help if you have low AMH, DOR, POF/POI, unexplained infertility. (Tip it's not focusing on the diagnosis).

Resources from this episode:

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