How To Release Generational Trauma As We Prepare For Parenthood Our Way

Aug 21, 2023

How To Release Generational Trauma As We Prepare For Parenthood Our Way

We’re digging into how to release generational trauma and prepare for parenting.

Let’s face it: no one has experienced a perfect childhood.

Whether you vow never to repeat how you were parented or you want to model how you were raised to your children.

Getting clear about your intentions as you plan for your family is essential to start immediately.

After all, prepping for a baby isn't just about parental leave, nurseries, and registries.

These deep conversations often unlock hidden fears and blocks you may not have even noticed your subconscious was holding on to.

So, how do we have an honest conversation with our partner about how we want to parent?

In this episode, you'll learn:

  1. How to start a conversation about how you want to parent.
  2. Questions to consider include: How will you handle discipline? How do you want to raise this child? Do you have any triggers from your one childhood you DON'T want to bring forward?
  3. Tools to help with the hard conversations and strategies to assist (i.e. journaling, therapy, EMDR, etc.).








      • How trauma around parenting may be blocking you from getting pregnant


      • How to create space for these vulnerable and sometimes difficult conversations
      • Questions to discuss with your partner about parenting
      • Different parenting styles and how they can impact children
      • You want to be on the same page as your partner regarding parenting. That matters more than what’s on your registry.


      • What do you want to do with the tools that you have?
      • Gabor Maté’s Books
      • A new environment can help you recognize the impact of trauma on your nervous system
      • My experience growing up in a yelling household
      • If you haven’t dealt with it, you might repeat it.


      • Start to process your trauma now so your child can have a more calm, peaceful environment.
      • It’s about awareness.
      • Having conversations is a significant first step
      • Common triggers we see with our clients
      • Some of Samm’s favourite activities to do with couples
      • Figuring out the roots of the choices we make as parents
      • How you can strengthen your relationship while on the fertility journey
      • When couples have these conversations, it unlocks something that brings them closer.


      • Recognizing and appreciating how each partner’s strengths can contribute to being stronger co-parents for each other
      • It feels incredible for somebody to recognize why your strengths make their lives better.


      • The recognition that there are many different ways that people process their thoughts and emotions
      • Make it a natural part of the relationship to be able to talk things out so they don’t get stuck.


      • Parent yourself now while you’re on the fertility journey.
      • The connection between mental and emotional well-being and physical health
      • Addressing generational trauma often alleviates physical symptoms.
      • Why we believe in a mind-body-spirit approach
      • Often your partner can help you make the connections and get to the root of things.

      41:48 FINAL THOUGHTS




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