Learn How To Manifest Your Baby

Jun 17, 2019

Learn How To Manifest Your Baby

I'm excited to welcome Cathy Ospina to the podcast.

We're digging into how to manifest your baby.

Cathy Ospina is a fertility, birth, and new mom coach and a certified energy healer. She has helped dozens of women identify and heal the mental or emotional block to conception so they can finally get pregnant through her online coaching and programs. Website: www.cathyospina.com

Many times when we are at the beginning or middle of something - it may be very difficult to see the end. However, this journey does have a beginning, middle and end,

I wanted to give you some tools to help navigate this journey.

In this episode you'll learn:

1) What is manifesting and how do we set an intention.

2) What to do when something stands in the way of our intention - such as resistance, toxic relationships, negative self talk

3) How to begin to visualize what we want. Plus how to start taking action (self doubt and resistance are very common during this time - it's normal).

4) How to look for the signs (recurring numbers, synchronicities and more).

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