Recovering From Chronic Illness and How To Boost Pregnancy Success with Allison Samon

Oct 23, 2023

Recovering From Chronic Illness and How To Boost Pregnancy Success with Allison Samon

We’re digging into recovering from chronic illness while TTC.

The conventional medicine approach for dealing with chronic illness and autoimmune disease is to prescribe medication.

This approach has us chasing symptoms and does not address the underlying cause.

One of the themes we see with low AMH and high FSH is autoimmunity. One autoimmune disease will predispose you to another autoimmune disease.

We see so many people who have a chronic illness or autoimmunity and have been referred to IVF or donor eggs, and the retrieval or transfer has failed.

It is not about pushing your body and doing another IVF.

We’ve been led to believe that IVF is the fast track.

The real fast track addresses your health, so a functional approach is uniquely positioned to optimize pregnancy success.

Today, I’m excited to welcome Allison Samon to the podcast. Allison is a Functional Nutrition and Lifestyle Practitioner who works virtually with people to get out of chronic illness, escape from mystery symptoms, and help re-design their lifestyle so they can be fit, energized, and pain-free in easy, fun, and sustainable ways.


    In this episode, you'll learn:

    1. The conventional medicine approach for chronic illness and autoimmunity
    2. How working on food sensitivities, gut infections, and stressors can begin the healing process back to health and optimal fertility
    3. How to be your own advocate so that you can improve pregnancy success






        • Despite extensive tests, doctors couldn’t identify the source of Allison’s pain
        • Despite being repeatedly dismissed by doctors, the pain kept popping back up over ten years
        • Allison’s discovery of the role of nutrition in healing her body
        • Recognizing the impact of food was a game-changer.
        • My whole mentality was that you can eat it if you’re not fat.


        • After missing period throughout her 20s, Allison finally got back her cycle after coming off the pill
        • The effects of long-term birth control use on menstrual cycles and hormonal balance


        • How dietary and lifestyle changes can improve fertility and overall health
        • Your age is everything you’ve done to yourself until now.
        • You can rejuvenate your body in a lot of ways.
        • I did a complete overhaul of our health and our home in preparation for getting pregnant.
        • Endocrine disruptors in your personal care products


        • A lot of people go straight to IVF before looking at diet and gut health
        • Sugar is deadly for fertility.
        • Every time you have an insulin surge, you’re causing more inflammation in your body
        • Go back to basics: what are you putting in, on, and around your body?
        • Being able to optimize your detoxification will help your fertility


        • It’s rare that if someone’s dealing with a fertility issue, both parents are in perfect health.
        • Addressing nutrition, gut health, and environmental toxins can make a massive difference to your fertility
        • You can’t skip the health piece.
        • The functional nutrition piece is so empowering for a Type A person.
        • You must prioritize mental and emotional wellbeing to improve overall health.
        • The importance of elimination


        • Starting with gut health
        • The connection between leaky gut and food sensitivities
        • Allison’s preferred approach to food sensitivity testing
        • The role of adaptogens

        45:09 GETTING STARTED

        45:47 FINAL THOUGHTS

        • Your body wants to heal.




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