The Essential Nutrient Needed For Egg Quality (Especially If You Have DOR)

Sep 18, 2023

The Essential Nutrient Needed For Egg Quality (Especially If You Have DOR)

We’re digging into why fertility cleanses/detoxes can harm fertility and what to do instead if you have low AMH/high FSH.

We’re digging into how to select your omegas as you prepare for your baby.

Most of the population does not meet the recommended daily requirements for this essential nutrient.

And it is needed for healthy egg and sperm quality.

The nutrient helps with the following:

  • Improve hormone production
  • Assist with cervical mucous production
  • Promote normal ovulation
  • Aid in increasing circulation to the reproductive system
  • Decrease FSH levels
  • Increased pregnancy rates following IVF
  • Delay ovarian aging

Also, for the male partner

  • Increase sperm count
  • Improve motility and morphology
  • Reduce damage to sperm DNA

I know you’re taking a lot of supplements. But this foundational supplement can easily be missed, and many people take the wrong type, which could harm fertility.







          • Omegas help increase blood flow to the uterus
          • Why omegas are critical during pregnancy
          • Omegas are essential nutrients for the brain and nervous system
          • The problems caused by low-grade systemic inflammation
          • How omegas factor into men’s fertility
          • For our cells to communicate properly, we need to have omega-3

          10:34 OMEGA-3 INDEX

          • If you’re predisposed to inflammatory conditions, an adequate omega-3 index is crucial
          • Understanding the omega-3 index
          • Our modern diet is full of the wrong types of fat.
          • When you improve your omega-3 ratio, you’ll see benefits to your health


          20:52 CERVICAL MUCOUS

          • The crucial role of omegas in mucosal production
          • Mucous is one of the most critical substances in our bodies


          • What to look for in a high-quality omega supplement
          • Common issues with low-quality omega supplements


          28:30 FOOD SOURCES OF OMEGAS

          • Fish is hands-down the best source of omega-3.
          • The SMASH sources: sardine, mackerel, anchovy, salmon, and herring
          • Special considerations for plant sources of omega-3
          • It’s much harder to get the omegas you need from plant sources.


          • For most people, it’s essential to supplement with omegas.
          • Contraindications for omega supplements
          • What to think about in terms of dosing

          32:39 FINAL THOUGHTS

          • Researching your omega supplements



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