Weight Loss Hacks To Improve Pregnancy Success with Louise Digby

Mar 25, 2024

Weight Loss Hacks To Improve Pregnancy Success with Louise Digby

We’re digging into how to address weight loss as you prepare for pregnancy success.

Losing weight is easier said than done. Like most people, you’ve probably tried A LOT of things to lose weight.

Someone may even have told you that weight loss is necessary for you to conceive or move forward with IVF.

We may even blame ourselves when nothing works and feel frustrated.

But what if there were specific steps you could take now that didn’t involve calorie deprivation or working out all the time?

After all, fueling your body with the right foods can reduce inflammation, which can help you lose weight.

Today, we’re breaking down the top steps to improve pregnancy success (especially if you need to lose weight to conceive).

I’m excited to welcome Louise Digby to the podcast. Louise is a registered nutritional therapist, women’s weight loss expert and founder of The Nourish Method to Lasting Fat Loss.

    In this episode, you'll learn about:

    1. BMI’s biggest flaw and why it can waste time
    2. Food sensitivities and the link to fertility and weight loss
    3. How to balance blood sugar (and why this matters for pregnancy success and weight loss)
    4. Gut microbiome health and its role in weight loss (plus the impact of the gut on the ovaries).
    5. Being told your thyroid (TSH) is normal, but you still can’t shift the weight or get pregnant (what tests to ask your doctor to run)
    6. The link between sleep and weight loss and quick tips to improve sleep







        • Often, after 35, weight loss suddenly becomes a lot more tricky
        • Recognizing the benefits of a holistic approach to nutrition rather than a narrow focus on weight loss
        • When we work on the foundational pillars of health, weight loss becomes a side effect


        • Undereating has a significant effect on your hormones.
        • There are so many different hormones in the body, and they all affect how your body utilizes the fuel you feed it
        • It’s essential to work on the body as a whole rather than the conventional siloed approach

        10:07 BODY MASS INDEX (BMI)

        • BMI doesn’t necessarily correlate with being healthy.


        • Testing is an excellent place to start to investigate what’s going on in your body
        • Getting a full thyroid panel and figuring out what's going on with your hormones, inflammation, and gut is a great place to start
        • If you don't have the means for testing, focus on what your body needs and add things in rather than cutting things out.


        • For some people, fasting can put more burden on your body and cause a real stress response.
        • You have to be cautious about fasting.
        • Gluten and dairy sensitivities are pretty common
        • If you can get the gut lining healthy and the bacteria balanced, you might only need to avoid a specific food for a short length of time


        • We have to tell most of our new clients to eat more and exercise less.
        • Excessive exercise can create a stress situation in your body


        • Once we can start avoiding those sugar crashes, suddenly you're in the driver's seat
        • Getting breakfast right is one of the best things you can do for your blood sugar.
        • A protein-rich, fat-rich, fibre-rich breakfast is a great way to start the day

        27:37 THYROID & YOUR WEIGHT

        • The thyroid is the master gland when it comes to your metabolism.
        • One of the common problems is that many conventional doctors only test TSH, which is not enough
        • If you've been told that your thyroid is normal, but you're still getting all the symptoms, don't accept that as fact because there could be so much more going on
        • Email me at hello@fabfertile.com to request your free Thyroid Guide


        • If your toxic load is high, that's going to have a huge impact on your weight management.
        • Many toxins can disrupt your hormones
        • We store our toxins in our fat to protect ourselves from them.
        • Why we like hair-tissue mineral analysis


        • There’s a strong correlation between poor sleep and difficulty losing weight.
        • Not getting enough sleep can stop fat burning in its tracks because it has such a big knock-on effect on your hormones and levels of inflammation
        • Focus on sleep as your top priority.
        • Start by working on your bedtime routine and wake routine


        • Focus on accepting yourself as you are and loving yourself while taking steps to lose weight, be healthier, or nourish yourself because you are worthy.
        • Focusing on overall well-being and what you want your life to be like is much more motivating in the long term than the number on the scale.




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