Beginner’s Guide to Going Toxin-Free When TTC with Anna Rapp

Nov 20, 2023

Beginner’s Guide to Going Toxin-Free When TTC with Anna Rapp

We are living in a toxic soup filled with chemicals.

When we’re TTC, switching to non-toxic products is essential.

We don’t recommend throwing everything out because that can cause more stress.

As each product expires, you can replace it with a non-toxic option.

Except for your feminine hygiene and fragrances - swap those out immediately - hint: those pumpkin spice candles release harmful PAHs (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons) associated with reproductive issues.

Studies have linked PAH exposure to reduced sperm count, lower concentration, abnormal shape, and decreased mobility.

Additionally, various chemicals such as phthalates, SVOCs, BHT, and parabens have the potential to disrupt hormones, which is particularly concerning for individuals trying to conceive or those who are pregnant.

So, where do we start?

We’re excited to share a beginner’s guide to going toxin-free as you prepare for pregnancy success.

I’m excited to welcome Anna Rapp to the podcast. Anna is the chief blogger at the popular fertility site To Make A Mommy.


In this episode, you'll learn:

  1. The difference between non-toxic, low-tox, green living, clean living
  2. Advise on how to swap out your personal care products
  3. How to know which cookware is best
  4. Our favourite air purifier, water filter, mattress and cleaning products




        3:19 WELCOME ANNA RAPP


        • It’s not about throwing everything in the garbage.


        8:05 GETTING STARTED

        • Research shows that if all you do is replace all your personal care items, within two weeks, your blood toxin levels will have dropped into healthy ranges
        • In addition to negative health outcomes, there are a lot of people who are sensitive to synthetic fragrances


        • Phthalates are some of the worst endocrine disruptors
        • Common household items and personal care products to avoid
        • Stop eating and drinking out of plastic.


        • Endocrine disruptors such as parabens and triclosan are in a lot of everyday items
        • The two main ways to avoid pesticides are to eat organic and take your shoes off at the door
        • The shockingly toxic chemicals in conventional nail polish and nail polish removers

        19:57 VOCs & FLAME RETARDANTS


        • The numerous negative health outcomes from PFAS and the battle to get these chemicals outlawed
        • Ditch your nonstick cookware.
        • Common products which contain PFAS
        • Mamavation Product Investigations


        • The environmental impact of plastics
        • High-fat foods absorb the most toxins from plastics
        • What to prioritize when moving away from plastics
        • How to figure out which cookware to invest in
        • We can never eliminate all the toxins from our bodies.
        • Focus on doing the best you can.

        36:30 MATTRESSES & PILLOWS

        42:20 WATER FILTERS

        47:39 PERFUMES & COLOGNES

        53:27 TAKING SMALL STEPS

        • Be realistic and avoid going too intense
        • Recognizing that natural products may not perform as well as synthetic ingredients

        55:35 FINAL THOUGHTS

        • Reclaim your health one step at a time.




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