Why Your Gut Microbiome Matters for Low AMH and High FSH

Nov 13, 2023

Why Your Gut Microbiome Matters for Low AMH and High FSH

We’re digging into stool testing and what it means for fertility and low AMH/high FSH.

When you are dealing with low AMH and or high FSH, the last place your REI will look is the health of your gut.

The health of your gut is directly tied to the health of your ovaries.

And if you have an infection, no amount of clean eating will matter.

The infection needs to be addressed.

It may be tempting to use an anti-parasitic or anti-fungal to address an infection, but that will wipe out all the good and bad bacteria, making a longer road to repairing the gut.

We are not against medication (sometimes it is needed); however, a targeted supplement protocol will address the infections while maintaining the health of the gut.

So, how do we identify and address the infection to improve pregnancy success?


In this episode, you'll learn:

  1. The conventional medicine approach to gut infections and what is regularly missed (plus, we discuss our favourite stool test in detail)
  2. Top infections we see with low AMH and/or high FSH
  3. How to know if you have a leaky gut and why this matters for fertility
  4. Why DIY wastes time with addressing infections and how to fast-track pregnancy success




        3:27 WELCOME KATY


        • The gut is the centre of our health.
        • The connection between gastrointestinal issues and reproductive health
        • When it comes to fertility, inflammation is not good news
        • Limitations of conventional stool tests
        • Gut health is highly correlated with ovarian health.


        • There’s a hierarchy to how we address chronic infections.
        • What you might be getting wrong with an anti-Candida diet
        • The importance of addressing infections before attempting to eliminate Candida


        • What’s involved in our comprehensive and personalized Fab Fertile approach

        12:22 H. PYLORI INFECTIONS

        • The prevalence of H. pylori and the potential impact on digestion and nutrient absorption
        • How H. pylori can be spread


        • We want the large intestines to be populated with an abundance of microbes.
        • Commensal bacteria have an essential job to do.
        • When commensal bacteria is depleted, it can make space for opportunistic bacteria
        • How we treat gut imbalances and infections
        • Why we don’t address SIBO directly, but rather the root causes
        • Symptoms of SIBO


        • These are not pathogens but can cause symptoms if their numbers are too high
        • Symptoms of excess opportunistic bacteria

        21:18 PARASITES & GUT HEALTH

        • Modern living has made us less tolerant to parasites.
        • Different types of parasites and their symptoms
        • The functional medicine approach to treating parasites

        28:15 EPSTEIN-BARR VIRUS

        • This is relatively common and can be deactivated or reactivated
        • How Epstein-Barr connects to low energy and hormone imbalances
        • We typically use a nutritive approach to support the immune system
        • Autoimmune conditions associated with Epstein-Barr


        • With fungal infections, we first need to address gut dysbiosis

        31:35 GUT HEALTH MARKERS

        • How gut markers can give us insights into our overall health
        • What low elastase levels suggest and the connection to stress
        • You might be eating a great diet, but it doesn't help if you’re not absorbing it
        • Get Pregnant Naturally | Episode 394:
        • Why Vitamin D Deficiency Can Negatively Impact Egg Health and Sperm Health
        • What β-Glucuronidase tells us about metabolic function
        • Elevated beta-glucuronidase can be a sign of estrogen imbalances.
        • Markers that can signal issues with intestinal permeability
        • With low AMH/high FSH, we see a theme of non-celiac gluten sensitivity
        • Any kind of inflammatory response is an immune response.
        • We need to be working with the immune system in any kind of fertility support.
        • Secretory IgA is almost the first line of defence for your body's innate immune system
        • What elevated zonulin levels indicate
        • Why elevated calprotectin levels can indicate localized inflammation in the gut


        • Why a target approach with personalized protocols makes a massive difference
        • Addressing the mental and emotional aspects

        49:20 FINAL THOUGHTS




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