The Problem With Most Fertility Smoothies & How To Know Which Ingredients Matter with Anna Rapp

Oct 09, 2023

The Problem With Most Fertility Smoothies & How To Know Which Ingredients Matter with Anna Rapp

We’re digging into what everyone gets wrong about fertility smoothies.

Eating the right foods when you are trying to conceive can be confusing. There is so much contradictory advice.

At Fab Fertile, we believe in a personalized approach to nutrition. We have our clients start the elimination diet (it’s the gold standard to figure out if you have a food sensitivity), and then we tweak the diet further with comprehensive food sensitivity testing.

We’ve had people intolerant to fertility super foods like avocado, eggs, almonds and yes, even leafy greens.

So, while we’re figuring out our personalized diet choices, I wanted to give some inspiration for your breakfast.

It’s one of the biggest questions we get from people. But what will I eat for breakfast when I change my diet?

Enter the morning smoothie. But the problem with many smoothies is they are doing more harm than good (with blood sugar-spiking ingredients that only impair your fertility).

So what ingredients should your fertility smoothie contain, and how can you maximize your nutrition in each glass?

I’m excited to welcome Anna Rapp to the podcast. Anna is the chief blogger at the popular fertility site To Make A Mommy.


In this episode, you'll learn:

  1. The problems with most fertility smoothies
  2. The right way to include greens in smoothies (this tip is crucial for your fertility, especially if you have thyroid dysfunction – which we see regularly with low AMH/high FSH)
  3. How much protein to add, which protein powders to avoid, and which ones are our favourite
  4. The importance of healthy fats and how to add them to your smoothie (hint: we need healthy fats for hormone production).
  5. How to include seed cycling into your smoothie





      • Anna’s fertility journey and how she developed a passion for helping other women
      • I’m so passionate about spreading the good news to other women that there are ways to improve your fertility naturally.
      • Why Anna starting her blog, To Make A Mommy


      • The problem with looking at the numbers only
      • It’s essential to explore how diet and lifestyle are impacting your fertility


      • Anna’s Fertility Smoothie Recipe - https://www.tomakeamommy.com/how-to-make-the-best-fertility-smoothie-ever/
      • The need for a nutrient-dense, egg health-friendly recipe
      • Problems with a lot of the fertility smoothie recipes out there
      • For me, a lot of my fertility diet was a love affair with leafy greens.
      • You need a pretty high protein count to maximize your egg health.


      • Different types of greens that are beneficial for fertility
      • The right greens help you to have a sperm-friendly, alkaline environment.
      • Smoothies have a lot of benefits over traditional green juices
      • Make sure to rotate the ingredients in your smoothie.
      • Steaming your greens to reduce the potentially harmful effects on your thyroid
      • Anna Rapp’s Blog Post | How To Find The Best Acupuncturist For Fertility!


      • It feels like this nutrient-dense magic for your body.
      • A fertility diet should be about getting all the nutrients your body needs
      • The more vegetables you have, the more you'll want them.
      • Eating a diverse range of plant-based foods is critical for a healthy gut microbiome


      • You don't want to be sugar crashing from your smoothie.
      • Play with the amount of fruit you add to have a bit of sweetness without a lot of sugar
      • Don’t add sweeteners to your fertility smoothie.
      • We don't know how poorly we feel until we feel awesome.


      • Smoothies taste better when they're cold.
      • In traditional Chinese medicine, there’s a recommendation to avoid cold foods when trying to conceive




      • You need to customize your fertility smoothie to your individual needs and diagnoses
      • Be cautious about fertility superfoods, especially things like royal jelly and bee pollen

      44:00 ANNA’S RECIPES


      47:48 FINAL THOUGHTS

      • Visualizations for your fertility



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