Why Adrenal Insufficiency Can Be A Factor with Low AMH and High FSH

Oct 02, 2023

Why Adrenal Insufficiency Can Be A Factor with Low AMH and High FSH

We’re digging into why addressing adrenal insufficiency matters when TTC.

I can’t tell you how many people I speak with that have low AMH/high FSH that are:

  • Working more than 50 hours per week and dealing with a toxic workplace and/or demanding boss
  • Holding down a full-time job and in graduate school
  • Have experienced a traumatic event such as pregnancy loss or death in the family
  • Dealing with relationship struggles or estrangement with family members
  • Have tried unsuccessfully to get pregnant for years with multiple rounds of IVF
  • Have been told donor eggs are their only hope

Chronic stress is real. We see it all the time with low AMH/high FSH. The good thing is there are targeted strategies to address the stress, heal your adrenals, optimize your egg health and restore your fertility.

In this episode, you'll learn:

  1. What the adrenals have to do with fertility (differences between adrenal fatigue and HPA dysfunction)
  2. Signs of adrenal dysfunction and some potential causes
  3. The impact of the adrenals on the thyroid
  4. MTHFR and the adrenals (how to support methylation)
  5. Diet/lifestyle and supplement recommendations to support the adrenals and improve egg health and fertility







          • Chronic stress has a significant impact on our fertility.
          • We can’t and shouldn’t do it all.
          • The mind is a part of the body - you can’t separate the two

          5:33 WHAT ARE THE ADRENALS?

          • Adrenal hormones - primarily stress hormones - are produced by the adrenal glands
          • Our fight or flight response is an instinctive physiological reaction to any real or perceived threat
          • In the modern world, we have the same response to the everyday high-stress situations many of us find ourselves in


          • We have to consider adrenal hormones in the context of the brain
          • The HPA axis and feedback loops between our hormones


          • Tired, wired, and anxious.
          • Many times in conventional medicine, we’re given a pill for anxiety when it’s actually adrenal dysfunction
          • Cortisol is an essential hormone involved in our circadian rhythm
          • How cortisol is expected to fluctuate throughout the day
          • Why you might get a second wind late at night and then find it hard to sleep
          • Cortisol works in tandem with melatonin
          • Melatonin is a vital antioxidant for our eggs
          • Things to consider before rushing to supplement
          • Common conditions that indicate your adrenals need support
          • Your adrenal function is connected to your immune system
          • When your body is in fight or flight, it prioritizes survival over all other systems


          • I felt like taking a step back would be a failure.
          • So many of us are so used to being stressed that we don’t even recognize it.
          • Sometimes it takes an outside perspective to help us to shift habits that aren’t working for us

          25:11 SOURCES OF STRESS

          • There are myriad ways your body can be under stress, both mentally and physically
          • Hidden infections impact the HPS axis and can cause strain on the body
          • While high-intensity exercise may feel good at the moment but can be detrimental to your fertility journey


          • We’re yet to see a couple with no food intolerances
          • The many environmental toxins we’re exposed to in our daily lives

          31:14 THYROID & ADRENALS

          • Testing TSH alone is not enough.
          • The thyroid-adrenal connection

          33:24 FUNCTIONAL TESTING

          • The DUTCH test gives us insights into what’s happening with your adrenals
          • The vast majority of us could use some adrenal support


          37:28 NUTRITION & LIFESTYLE

          • Eating the rainbow is essential for supporting your adrenals
          • Nutrient-dense superfoods that support your hormone health
          • Foods that can negatively impact your stress response
          • Shifting into healthier sleep habits
          • Getting support can be a crucial factor in making necessary changes without the overwhelm
          • Simple things you can do to support your mental and emotional health


          • Vitamins, minerals, and adaptogens that can offer good support
          • We highly recommend working with a practitioner before taking supplements

          44:52 FINAL THOUGHTS



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