How To Successfully Navigate The Holiday Season While TTC

Nov 28, 2022

How To Successfully Navigate The Holiday Season While TTC

We’re digging into how to navigate the holiday season when we’re on the fertility journey.

The holiday season can be filled with triggers and well-meaning (but clueless people) asking, “When will you start a family?” or “Are you pregnant yet?”

How do we handle an invitation we don’t want to attend? Or what about the person that posts a steady stream of holiday pictures of their kids? Can we really unfollow them?

As we may know, stress is a sneaky thing. Sometimes it sneaks up on us. And next thing you know, you’re breaking down at the holiday party or telling the cashier your whole fertility journey.

So how do we navigate the season on our terms? With a plan that feels right for us.

Plus, what if hidden stressors were contributing to your hormonal imbalance that, once rectified, could increase your chances of pregnancy success?

In this episode, you'll learn:

  1. What to do about triggers, holiday party invitations, and feeling stuck in comparison. How to get honest about our stress so we can see a clear path forward to expanding our family.
  2. How to get out of flight or flight mode and move to rest and digest. Plus, how to know if you’re in burnout.
  3. Recognize your biochemical stressors (i.e. blood sugar, thyroid imbalance, food sensitivities, gut infections, etc.) that impact your neurotransmitters. When your hormones are out of balance, it can affect your mood, leading to anxiety/depression and less resilience. Strategies to help identify triggers so that you can begin to thrive.
  4. Pregnancy success stories to motivate you to know having a healthy baby is possible for you when you take a targeted approach.





            05:49 MENTAL & EMOTIONAL STRESS

            • Bring awareness to the triggers that bring on unwanted emotions
            • The mental and emotional stress of the fertility journey may be heightened during the holiday season
            • Make a plan ahead of time for how you will handle triggers
            • It can be devastating to have people ask if you’re pregnant when you’re trying but not yet successful


            • Our client got pregnant naturally following the Fab Fertile Method, despite many underlying issues, including endometriosis, Hashimoto’s, thyroidectomy, and more
            • How we create a personalized approach specifically formulated for each client
            • Why we take a mind-body-spirit approach
            • Some of the different modalities and tools we utilize in the Fab Fertile Method

            14:32 CHRONIC STRESS

            • As the demands pile up, even small tasks become unmanageable
            • It’s vital to recognize overwhelm and if you’re stuck in a sympathetic state
            • It’s time to take two steps back to take a giant leap forward.
            • You need to be in a rest and digest state for your body to be ready to receive your child
            • Create space in your calendar and boundaries around your work
            • Be mindful and choose the things that fill you up


            • Our client is a busy professional who had three failed IVFs and two failed IUIs before coming to us
            • She also had diminished ovarian reserve, low AMH, a high-stress job, and multiple food sensitivities
            • We worked with her to develop a protocol that met her lifestyle needs while optimizing her body for pregnancy success, and within four months of our program, she got pregnant naturally
            • The coaching aspect of the program is pivotal to success
            • Having coping strategies in place is essential

            25:38 BIOCHEMICAL STRESS

            • Biochemical stress comes from many sources like environmental triggers, poor sleep, or blood sugar imbalance
            • Lean into the intuitive and faith piece while addressing the underlying issues
            • How you can navigate the food at holiday events


            • There are always missed healing opportunities we need to address
            • Our client had three failed IVFs before working with us, and several biochemical issues
            • Through our personalized approach in the Fab Fertile Method, she was able to get pregnant with her next IVF cycle

            33:21 YOUR PLAN FOR 2023

            • Your body prioritizes survival, not procreation
            • DIY approaches often waste time and money with generalized recommendations
            • An action plan with targeted diet and lifestyle changes increases your chances of pregnancy success
            • How you can get in touch to figure out if the Fab Fertile Method is right for you




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