If You’ve Read It Starts With the Egg, What’s Next?

Jun 24, 2024

If You’ve Read It Starts With the Egg, What’s Next?

We’re digging into what to do after you’ve read It Starts With The Egg.

Most people on the fertility journey have read It Starts with the Egg by Rebecca Fett.

It has become the bible for egg health and the fertility community. The well-researched book includes actionable steps for diet, lifestyle, and supplement recommendations. However, the advice does skew towards IVF preparation rather than getting pregnant naturally.

What if you’ve already made all the changes in the book, but it still hasn’t worked?

Let’s break down the generalized guidelines in the book and how to personalize the suggestions to improve pregnancy success.

This episode is for you if:

  • You have implemented the suggestions in the book and it still hasn’t worked
  • You were so overwhelmed by the book that you didn’t know where to start
  • Your partner isn’t making any of the suggested changes - just you! (steps to help his preconception health)
  • You haven’t read the book but you want to know how to improve egg quality and fertility naturally

In this episode, you'll learn:

  1. Your Vitamin D levels are low. We know that low levels of Vitamin D can increase the risk of miscarriage and infertility. But WHY are your levels low in the first place? We talk about factors that influence your Vitamin D (i.e., infections, autoimmunity, etc.) and what supplement you should be taking (this is regularly missed).
  2. Your TSH is normal (or is it?). We see this ALL the time. Thyroid problems are common with premature ovarian failure/insufficiency, unexplained infertility, and ovulatory disorders. Plus subclinical hypothyroidism increased to 15% with ovulatory infertility and 40% with women with POF. Why looking at your TSH is not enough.
  3. Food sensitivity – you’ve eliminated gluten and dairy (okay, you still have the odd cheat day). Why digging into the diet is KEY for your fertility. What you can do if you’ve tested negative for celiac (we talk about the frequency of false negatives). And discuss non-celiac gluten sensitivity and what we are seeing with our clients.
  4. Environmental Toxins – you’ve tossed out the plastics, eliminated your EMF exposure (or have you – we regularly see people getting this wrong), changed all your personal care (but have you checked for common allergens), and switched to non-toxic cleaning products. Right? What you could be missing.
  5. You’re supplementing with melatonin. We see this all the time. It is recommended to supplement if you are going through IVF, but it may impair your ability to produce melatonin. But why is your melatonin low in the first place? Did you have it tested? Higher melatonin is found in those with high AMH counts and higher follicle counts. Do you know how to improve your melatonin?
  6. You’re taking DHEA. It is the go-to recommendation for those with diminished ovarian reserve (low AMH) and who are preparing for IVF. Plus, it helps to decrease miscarriage. But have your levels been tested? Why a blood test does NOT tell us the whole picture. Do you know WHY your levels are low in the first place? It is not about taking a reductionist viewpoint of your fertility. It’s about looking at the WHOLE body.
  7. We discuss the recommended supplements (i.e. prenatal, B12, CoQ10, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Alpha Lipoic, Myo-inositol, L- Carnitine, and men’s supplement recommendations)







        7:52 VITAMIN D
        • You can still have low vitamin D levels if you live in a sunny climate
        • Vitamin D is considered a pro-hormone, so you need to be careful when supplementing
        • Vitamins and minerals work synergistically with other vitamins and minerals in the body
        • It’s essential not to take vitamin D in isolation.
        • If something is low, you always have to ask the question, “Why is that?”
        • Get Pregnant Naturally | Episode 35: What Vitamin D Levels Mean For Fertility


        17:30 CELIAC DISEASE
        • A high percentage of people we work with have a gluten sensitivity
        • If you have non-celiac gluten sensitivity, gluten wreaks havoc on your gut and can prevent you from absorbing the nutrients you’re consuming
        • With standard celiac testing, false negatives are common
        • Get Pregnant Naturally | Episode 45: Is Gluten Causing Infertility?
        • The best way to determine whether you have a gluten sensitivity is to remove it from your diet and slowly add it back
        • Our approach to gluten sensitivity testing
        • Challenges with going totally gluten-free
        • Gluten cross-reactors to avoid
        • If you've been gluten and dairy-free for 60 - 90 days and you're not pregnant yet, it's time to dig into testing.



        27:27 CARBOHYDRATES

        30:57 ELIMINATION DIET

        33:40 DAIRY
        • Dairy can be very nutrient dense but many people are intolerant.
        • Common symptoms of dairy intolerance

        • There are great parts of the Mediterranean diet, but is that diet right for you?
        • With any diet, it’s important to do the elimination diet and testing to ensure it will work well for you and your needs
        • Focus on high quality fats and oils
        • If you eat too many nuts, it could negatively affect your gut.
        • Get Pregnant Naturally | Episode 333: Can The AIP Diet Help With Low AMH/High FSH?
        • The philosophy with the AIP diet is to remove as many inflammatory foods as possible and give your body a chance to reduce inflammation and calm down the immune system
        • It’s a very restrictive diet and not generally recommended for the long term


        45:14 SUPPLEMENTS
        • Ensure your prenatal contains methylfolate instead of folic acid
        • Quality matters when it comes to a prenatal.
        • High B12 leads to better embryo quality
        • It's really hard to get good quality amounts of B12 and iron from non-animal sources
        • High-performing mitochondria is the hallmark of egg quality.
        • Get Pregnant Naturally | Episode 50: Why Mitochondria Health Is So Important For Fertility
        • Higher oxidative stress correlates to a lower chance of an egg making it to a blastocyst.
        • Strategies to improve oxidative stress
        • Melatonin is a powerful antioxidant.
        • Too much oxidation can damage your cells and DNA and that’s why we need antioxidants
        • Common causes of oxidative stress
        • If you’re supplementing with DHEA, you need to do regular hormone testing





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